Biology is one of the broadest branches of science, exploring all kinds of living things in the universe. This field includes a variety of trends such as cell and molecular biology, microbial genetics, biochemistry, biophysics, plant science, animal biology, and biotechnology which bring a wide range of topics to be discussed. Biology provides valuable fundamental information to other fields such as medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, nutrition science, etc. The Department of Biology at Zanjan University began its activities in 1381 by admitting 25 students to its undergraduate program and general orientation.  In recent years, there has been a lot of development in the field, with stability in the number of faculty members. There are currently 13 permanent faculty members working in the group. Since 1390, with the establishment of a master’s degree program in plant physiology, the department began admitting students to its master’s degree programs. Subsequently, the department’s postgraduate studies expanded with the admission of students to master’s degree programs in biochemistry and animal biosystematics. The department’s work program also includes plans to establish other fields of study at the master’s level in genetics and biophysics, as well as PhD programs in animal biosystems and biochemistry.

Communication with biology

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